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Our 2013 organised summer tours are currently full.


If you would like to enquire about individual tours or small group tours, we can put you in touch with a number of contacts who may be able to to accommodate you.


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Visiting Crop Circles - Please take note of the following advice


For many years, the WCCSG, and now our Charitable company (CAER), have tried to work alongside farmers with regard to crop circle visits.


We understand that both visitors from far away and more local people do not always have the ability or the confidence to approach land-owners to gain individual permission to visit a formation.


In recent years we have encouraged a scheme whereby farmers put a collection box in their fields to collect small donations from each visiting individual to help compensate for crop loss.  Thereby, also making public, that they are welcoming visitors.  If you do visit a formation with a collection box, we suggest a donation of £2 per adult.


This scheme has evolved one step further in the last couple of years with the introduction of personal gate-keepers, volunteers that help the farmer collect in person rather than using a collecting box (which sadly are often the target of theft).  Heading up this scheme is Paul Jacobs from the Core Initiative Group (more details available by clicking the banner below).

Core Group Initiative


In 2013, another introductory scheme is being launched - the Crop Circle Access Scheme.  So far, we have not seen evidence that the local farmers are on board with this scheme, although it is endorsed by the NFU (National Farmer's Union) and supported by the local tourist board. Until however, we see evidence that it is the system that our local farmers wish to participate in, we are not actively backing the scheme, and so, we will endeavour to stay on our own path of working on individual relationships with local farmers, listening to them and trying and follow a system whereby we can gain their permission for access while adhering to the basic 'common sense' guidelines.



Please note: 

As followers of the crop circle phenomenon, we do not have the right to enter any private land without permission.  Any land-owner does have the right to ask you to leave.  Please respect the countryside and the landowners who farm it.


'The Little Pink Book of Crop Circle Etiquette' written by Michael Glickman & Karen Alexander

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A crop circle


A crop circle


A crop circle


A crop circle


A crop circle

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