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A Message from the Trustees

Dear Valued Members and Friends

(Published October 2013)


The Trustees of CAER, the charitable company now running the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group, would like to confirm a sad decision that was regrettably reached on Sunday 7 September 2013.


Due to a number of factors, mainly financial, CAER will not be accepting any new memberships from this date forward.


The group’s plan for current members is as follows:


·     Current CAER/WCCSG members will receive the last three editions of The Spiral magazine which from now on will be published quarterly; Oct-Dec2013, Jan-Mar 2014 and Apr-Jun 2014.


·     TThe 2014 crop circle calendar is the final edition of the Crop Circle Calendar and celebrates the last 20 years of the group’s activities and acts as a tribute to the work of the volunteers, committee members, contributors and of course, the group’s Co-ordinator, Francine Blake. The calendar includes some  images from the latest season and others from the WCCSG archives while maintaining  its beautiful design and practicality.  Available in the online shop.


·     On 5th and 6th July 2014 the  final conference will be held at Marlborough College in Wiltshire to officially say good-bye to the WCCSG. The format will follow the usual schedule of the WCCSG weekend, speakers old and new will be invited to mark the closure of the group and we hope members old and new will also come along to join in and celebrate the extreme efforts put in by all those concerned who have run the group for so long.


·  TThose with up to date memberships will remain on a mailing list and will continue to enjoy the same benefits until next summer.  Discount arrangements will remain in place on calendar orders and will continue to be applied on tickets for the 2014 special final conference. Those with memberships that have expired recently or are due to expire before next July can buy the last issues of the Spiral for £2.95plus £1.50 p&p for a UK address (available in the online shop or send a cheque payable to CAER) or make a minimum donation of £12 for the three remaining copies.


CAER (and the WCCSG) is a non-profit organisation which was designed to educate the wider public about the formation of crop circles, document their arrival and publish research relevant to their appearance. The decision to implicate the group’s closure is the result of much discussion and is sadly unavoidable.  Any members wishing to discuss their specific account are encouraged to contact us on the usual email address: or on 01380 739966.



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