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The WCCSG Team supported by CAER


In 2010 the charitable company CAER was created. (Centre for the Advancement of Environmental research).  The Trustees of this company now run the activities of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group as part of their aim to educate members about the local environment, its history, landscape, and its future.  The trustees of CAER believe that the crop circles are a part of this. 


Commercial ventures undertaken by the WCCSG hep fund the work of the charitable company.  If you would like to support our work, particularly help with the cost of aerial photography and the production of The Spiral magazine, please donate at our online shop.


Francine Blake - Crop Circle Researcher and CAER Trustee

Francine is French Canadian.  She travelled to England as an art student because she was fascinated by Stonehenge and wanted to be able to visit the ancient structure.  In 1982 she was introduced to Crop Circles after reading a book about them.  While living in London she maintained her interest but after visiting the Barbury Castle formation of 1991 decided that she was missing out on so much of what was happening in the fields of Wiltshire she was prompted to move to the area. 


Francine founded the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group with four other members of a previous London based group, in May 1995 and was voted its coordinator.   The group's charitable company, CAER, was incorporated in June 2010.


Francine is the Editor of 'The Spiral - Crop Circle News' which is now produced bi-monthly, primarily as a newsletter for WCCSG members, but its circulation is growing as local shops have found it to be a handy guide for those visiting the area.


As a resercher with over 20 years experience in the subject, Francine has a wealth of knowledge and has been invited to speak about the crop circles at many conferences across the world.  She also visits groups and events in the UK in her quest to bring information about the phenomenon to a wider audience.


During the summer months her days are spent in the fields taking tours of visitors into the formations and liasing with landowners in the constant struggle to try and ease their frustrations as more and more designs occur.


Francine is contactable at or


Clare Oatley - Group Administrator & Conference Co-Ordinator

Clare joined the WCCSG team on a part-time basis in May 2005 as an administrator for the group's database management and publicity mailings.  Since this date, she has become more involved with the group's activities, programme planning,  production of the calendar and Spiral and specifically with the co-ordination of the summer conference.  Her role has grown within the group and  Clare is now based in the office daily throughout the Summer and on most days during the quieter Winter period. 


Clare is also our webmaster, making the constant updates required, especially at the height of the season when one or more formations often appear on a daily basis.


Clare is contactable at


Tony Boult - CAER Trustee

Tony was brought up by his parents in a loving, practising Christian household.


He became active in Parish Church work (Server, Church Council etc.) but this faded in his 40’s because of growing disillusionment and nothing was found to take to its place until he gradually became more aware of older, more ancient truths.


Hopefully, continuing to mature, Tony travels along with many friends, becoming more aware of interconnectedness.


Interested in crop formations (obviously), on their own account and as a ‘portal’ to parallel universe(s), Tony believes the subject links deeply with his other interest, dowsing.  For him it currently focuses on reincarnation and meeting the same people in life after life.  This itself was recently set off when Tony met many people who were his wife’s carers and who said they felt they had met both Tony and his wife in previous lives.


Tony appreciates that it “feels good to be around in these fascinating times.”

Tony can be contacted via the group email at


Stephen Thomas - CAER Trustee

Stephen has recently joined the CAER team and comes with much experience, as he also acts as a Trustee for the Gatekeeper Trust.  We welcome Stephen to our team.  Stephen can be contacted via the group email at


Paul Jacobs - Field Support

Paul Jacobs lives near Cambridge UK but is a recognisable figure in the Wiltshire crop circle landscape . . . if you see an old French  Citroen van around,  you will know he’s not far away. He spends most of the summer months living in his van in close proximity to the fields keeping a close eye on new events.


He was introduced to Ufology at the age of nine and at 14 witnessed a moving green luminescent light anomaly at close quarters which had a profound effect on him. Taking an interest in the crop circles in the late 90's seemed to be a natural step for him. 


Paul is very practical and grounded, working in property restoration and development, he also maintains a keen interest in psychology and social behaviour. Public Relations is of special interest to Paul; he works  closely with local farmers in an attempt to build bridges between them and crop circle visitors and in 2011 he launched the'Core Group Initiative'. He is the author of ‘The Little Book of Crop Circle Rhyme’, which is the only book of verse on the subject of crop circles. (His book is available in our online shop!)


Paul can be contacted at


Core Group initiative




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