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French Edition



Sorry - the French version of the 2012 is no longer available.

Demand was so great this year that we have sold out already.


English version still available in our online shop!


Front coiver French 2012 Calendar

 2012 French back cover


2012 Crop Circle Calendar * Now Reduced*


The Annual Crop Circle Calendar 2012 is the definitive review of the very latest crop circle season from the UK fields.  It features a gallery of all the Wiltshire crop formations from 2011 (plus a few from further afield in the UK) and includes additional groundshots, diagrams and commentaries.


  2012 Crop Circle Calendar 2012 Back Cover


The calendar measures approx. 310mm x 250mm, it is produced on part recycled/FSC stock using vegetable based inks.


The standard price for one calendar has now been reduced to just £5. WCCSG Members still receive discount (£1 per calendar).  All orders are subject to the addition of postage costs.


The Annual Crop Circle Calendar is




  DOWNLOAD an ORDER FORM to order by post

Please note that although the form specifies you can still order the french edition, it is in fact SOLD OUT!


Orders of 10 or more calendars receive a 10% discount. 

For orders of 50 or more, please contact us for a quote.


*Cover artwork shown above is an example only - the final version may differ from the draft shown here.

Desktop Option *Now £1*


An alternative to the large 2012 wall calendar is our 2012 Desk Calendar.  This small, smart table-top calendar has 12 individual month cards that each have a stunning groundshot taken from inside a selection of stunning crop circles, with a full overhead picture on the reverse.  These cards can be saved to make your own collection of  beautiful crop circle pictures once the month has passed.


Desk Calendar

Click on image above to enlarge


This neat design utilises its plastic case as a display stand making it simple and easy to move through the months of the year.


An ideal item to have close to your telephone or by your computer at home or at work.


ORDER ONLINE - Now Only £1 plus p+p


If you have any queries or would like to discuss discounts for large orders, please


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