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 Crop Circle Tour

Crop Circle Coach Tour!

To be confirmed for 2014


Waylands Smithy

Visits to Ancient sites with knowledgable Guides


Dowsing Waylands


Maria Uffington

Maria Wheatley - a regular Guide


Uffington Hill

On top of Uffington Hill


Uffington Landscape

Taking in our beautiful landscape







Download a booking form (above) and post back to:

Clare Oatley

149 Brickley Lane




07779 113542

01380 726130




Cheques payable to:

'Crop Circle Conference'





Extra Tour Added - Tuesday 8 July


Ancient Sites and Crop Circles with Francine Blake


As we were unsure of whether there would be circles to visit if we offered a crop circle coach tour, we decided not to take bookings for Tuesday 8 July's tour until the weekend of the conference.


Now, we can confirm that the tour will take place, although it will focus on Ancient Sites and incorporate one (or maybe two circles) if something is available to visit.


Francine's outline for the day is below:


Now that there is a crop circle open to the Public at West Kennett Longbarrow,  we would make our way there first (unless there is a newer one available), then we would visit the Long Barrow. After that we would go to the Vale of Pewsey where I can show you the White Horse, Adam’s Grave’s Longbarrow, the old Church at Alton Prior and the spring adjacent to it.

The spring is at the head of the River Avon. In the past it is quite possible that people would have travelled to Stonehenge  by boat from there as the rivers, which were then much bigger, were the highways of the ancient world. It is an enchanted place and this tour is very much appreciated by my French Groups.

Please book in the SHOP AREA if you would like to reserve a place on Francine's Final Conference Tour. (£45 invluding transport, £40 to members).





Weekend Pictures


Conference Doorway

The Conference Doorway

looking out to the Merlin Mound in the sunshine


Wyvern Dowsers

Beautiful weather for outside trading


Merlin mound

Early Morning - The Merlin Mound, overlooking our outdoor seating area, bathed in sunshine

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