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Welcome to the 2014 Crop Circle Season


The Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group are no longer flying for aerial pictures. A comprehensive record of all circles reported in 2014 (and an extensive archive) can be found at:


VISITING CROP CIRCLES:  There are a couple of schemes in place for visiting crop circles HOWEVER, before entering any fields, you must be sure that you have persmisson to do so.


The CGI (Core Group Initiative) work with some farmers to help manage visitors to circles; they usually ask a donation of £2 per person which is agreed by the land-owner, and donated to a local charity.  All CGI representatives hold paperwork from the farmers so can be recognised as an official collector.


A second scheme was introduced in 2013 using 'access passes' (this year sold at Devizes Museum).  As yet we are unclear that this scheme is working successfully as we have received differing reports back from farmers, many of which are not supporting the scheme.  If you pay for this scheme, please ensure that you will be gaining access to exclusive circles and not paying a premium for circles that are open to the public anyway. In 2013 this scheme caused some confusion and many visitors felt they paid unnecessarily for the pass.  We await to see of the scheme has been amended at all for the new 2014 season.


Conference 2014 -The last event



Crop Circle Images



Since the early ninties, the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group has taken its own pictures and published an annual calendar every year using the best of the images to record each season.



The 2014 edition is the last in the series as the group heads for retirement later this year.



The latest 'final' edition and archive items are available to buy in our online shop.

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