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Circles Reported:


21 *

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 * Reported in the UK in 2013 - more formations may be present throughout the rest of the world.


For more details of 2013 reports




about any of the recent crop formations and we will do our best to include them in our reports.




Welcome to the 2013 Crop Circle Season


Click on the images below to follow links to full details at


VISITING CROP CIRCLES:  Many farmers are happy for visitors to investigate crop formations on their land.  Some are now trying to generate donations to act as some compensation for damaged crop.  We at the WCCSG have actively encouraged this as it helps visitors experience what is happening in our fields with no fears of trespass.  We ask that if you visit the formations where farmers are collecting, and therefore welcoming visitors, that you donate as requested (and suggest £2 per person - this is what we ask of all participants of our guided visits).



2013 UK Crop Formations


Gallery 2013 East Field2 June - East Field, Alton Barnes

11 June - Cherhill

Water Eaton Copse nr Hannington12 June - Stanton St Bernard (1)

Stanton St Bernard 221 June - Stanton St Bernard (2)

Yatesbury21 June - Yatesbury (1)

Horton23 June - Horton

Stanton St Bernard 2 - Phase 224 June - Stanton St Bernard (2) - Phase 2

Silbury Hill24 June - Silbury Hill (Visiting Permitted)

Yatesbury 2 Diagram25 June - Yatesbury (2) - cut, diagram only

Avebury Ridgeway6 July - Avebury Ridgeway

Avebury Trusloe7 July - Avebury Trusloe

Evesham13 July - Evesham, Worcesterhire

Hackpen Hill15 July - Hackpen Hill (visiting permitted)

All Cannings15 July - All Cannings

Hilcott16 July - Hilcott near Pewsey (now cut)

Giants Grave Oare22 July - Giant's Grave, Oare (now cut)

Olivers castle Roundway24 July - Oliver's Castle, Roundway

Milk Hill1 August - Milk Hill, Alton Barnes (now cut)

Roundway Hill (2)1 August - Roundway Hill (2) (now cut)

Stonehenge1 August - Stonehenge

Etchilhampton Hill6 August - Etchilhampton Hill near Devizes





Crop Circle Images


The Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group need funds to support their own photography of crop circles (cost of flying and developing etc). 2013 will be the first first year in 15 years that we will not be able to produce a full archive of our own photographs due to cost.




The group has produced the only annual calendar on the market that has been compiled using images solely from the most recent crop circle season. This year that may not be possible but we still hope to bring you a quality calendar for 2014 in the Autumn (we may just have to reply on older archive pictures - but who doesn't like to see those?)!


As soon as the 2014 Crop Circle Calendar is available to order, details of how to purchase it will appear in our online shop.


In the meantime, enjoy the 2013 images (linked here to 


If you wish to order pictures from previous years, please contact us after veiwing what's available in our Image Gallery.


Previous year's calendars are also available from our online shop.  Prices start from just £1 - this is a great way to pick up multiple images from  previous years at a really low price.

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